Location of University

The campus Callaghan of the UoN is located in the northwest of the city in an area of 140 hectares of forest, grass and wetlands. The university offers an atmosphere that is hard to rival.

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Beaches and Ocean Baths

There are six beaches around Newcastle: Nobby’s Beach, Newcastle Beach, Bar Beach, Dixon Park Beach, Merewether Beach and Stockton Beach. Those Beaches are very good surfing and swimming locations. The Newcastle Ocean baths and the Merewether Ocean Baths, which are separated from the sea, are very popular swimming spots.

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On 32 km long Stockton Beach you can find the largest continuous mobile sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere that are up to over 30 meters high. Those sand dunes have been used for various scenes of the movie Mad Max.

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Public Transport

The train station Warabrook is located right beside the campus. In addition, taking the train to the UoN is the quickest way to get there (only 10 minutes from Newcastle station).
One single ticket to the UoN (or anywhere else in Newcastle) costs 3,80$ (September 2014). As the new electronic ticket system Opal has been rolled out in NSW you should buy an Opal card. Ninety day tickets (which have cost 280$) are not available any more.  Opal card is a smartcard, valid for the public transport network in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter, Illawarra and Southern Highlands. You have to pay the full price for every journey you take during the week. But the Opal card provides you certain benefits: For example, you only have to pay for 8 journeys per week and the rest of the week you can travel for free. In addition, you can travel as much as you want for only 2,50$ on Sundays.


Travelling by bus costs 3,70$ and the ticket is valid for 1 hour. However, you can use the Opal card on an expanding number of buses, so you can also save money when traveling a lot. If you go to the UoN by bus from the CBD, you will need at least 30 minutes when using the quickest bus line (line 100).
In addition, there is a free fare bus zone in the city centre between 7:30am and 6pm  seven days a week. In this area you can go by bus for free what is very useful when you go shopping.


Supermarkets and food cost

The cheapest supermarket in Newcastle is Aldi, but its product range is a bit limited.  A big shopping centre, where you can find everything you need, is Marketown. Marketown includes different stores like Woolworths, a grocery, Coles, a supermarket or Big W, which offers all items you need for your household. The bus stop at Marketown is part of the free fare bus zone.
Depending on what kind of food you prefer (meat, in general, is rather expensive) the monthly cost for food and drinks ranges between 300$ and 500$.

Intern reports
Intern Report 2009/10

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