Information on the VISA application process for German students

As the visa process takes up to 4 months you must apply for the internship as soon as possible. In addition, make sure that you already have a valid passport which is required for the  visa application.

Once your internship has been approved by the UoN, the University will nominate you for the Training & Research 402 VISA. After the nomination has been processed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP ) you will get a an email with instructions for your final visa application. All required documents for the VISA application must be sent to the DIBP via mail or fax. You cannot send them via email.

The application form for the Training and Research VISA can be downloaded here.

Update: a recent change in policy permits the usage of the Working Holiday VISA. This VISA is usually granted within a short time and has a reduced application fee.

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