Conceptual Mapping Project



Second Semester Design Imaging 


LECTURERS: Caelli Jo Brooker + Wayne Thompson + Liz Crichton

This first year student mapping brief explores the process of creating and designing visually through the investigation, use and understanding of a variety of image based media. It explores the relationship between the active process of observation, image transformation, and the production of the visible image as a designed construct.

The project revolves around the creation of a conceptual map of place through creating a suburb brand and emphasising personal narrative and particular meaning for individual students associated with the chosen area. Students are required to conceptualise, develop, create and complete a promotional map of the personal perspectives and features of a chosen location using a variety of imaging techniques – handmade/hand-drawn, digital and photographic. Each student was asked to choose an interesting, amusing, or hidden aspect or feature of their area to emphasise and tell a story from a personal perspective about their suburb. After documenting their location through photomedia, text and sketching, they were tasked with developing an interesting, effective, readable map for their area.




 EmilyHendry_ConceptualMap  LarnaStaley_ConceptualMap
OJhanHakaraia_ConceptualMap RichardORegan_ConceptualMap
EllieMacor_ConceptualMap ReneeMcIntosh_ConceptualMap
CatherineBarham_ConceptualMap DamonScarfe_ConceptualMap


Fault Magazine Project



Second Semester Design Projects 


This first year student magazine brief explores the integration of a variety of visual media, processes and practices into a larger visual communication project. Students conceive, design and generate content for an editorial design format and experiment with the interplay between content, image, type and graphic elements. At first year level, this project challenges design thinking, visual communication and reflective processes, whilst encouraging group work through the consistent application of content theme, style guides and art direction.

Each student group decides on a magazine theme and writes an article that correlates with this theme. Once these foundational ideas are established, in practical workshops, students create editorial illustrations and photographic images that complement their articles. After beginning this process by hand, students refine their layout and design skills in digital workshops, working collaboratively to finalise a custom style guide which is applied across all spreads. Group approval and feedback is core to this process.




FAULT: The Truth Issue
EllieMacor_Truth GabrielleBentley_Truth LarissaCluff_Truth
FAULT: The Sustainability Issue
ThomasHadland_Sustainability JuliaSchon_Sustainability SeanFitzpatrick_Sustainability
 FAULT: The Perception Issue
 AlannaWalsh_Perception  ChloeWicks_Perception  LucyWall_Perception
 FAULT: The Habit Issue
ReneeMcIntosh_Habit OJhanHakariah_Habit SiljeBuxton-Soldal_Habit
 FAULT: The Controversy Issue
LauraBonzo_Controversy  HalleyRamos_Controversy  EmilyCranidge_Controversy
FAULT: The Difference Issue
ChrisGarth_Difference EthanCollinson_Difference CameronMason_Difference
FAULT: The Culture Issue
AlanaRyan_Culture LeilanilynEscalante_Culture GeirgiaLumley_Culture
 FAULT: The Gender Issue
SophiePizzuto_Gender BeauPreston_Gender SophiaSatrassburger_Gender
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