Design at UON


Visual communication design, incorporating graphic design, is an exciting, evolving, diverse and growing area of specialisation which brings together information from various sources into a visually dominant form. Advances in communication technology, such as those provided by the web and mobile devices, are increasing the opportunities for designers in order to keep up with the ever-growing demand for visual stimuli. When you study visual communication design at the University of Newcastle, you engage with international designers and educators whose range of expertise cover recognisable specialist areas such as graphic design, advertising, animation, illustration and web design. While studying a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design you will develop a breadth of multi-platform skills that will allow you to provide visual solutions for all sorts of client requirements. As a visual communicator you will become an expert in visual language and develop creative and persuasive strategies to communicate your ideas to a wide range of audiences. You will not only become highly skilled technically, but you will also acquire sophisticated thinking strategies which will enable you to work independently, collaboratively and most importantly, creatively. Offered through the Faculty of Science and Information Technology, the Bachelor of Visual Communication Design provides experience across a variety of design disciplines and you will graduate with a professional portfolio of work to showcase your ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ skills to potential employers.